3 Reasons to Consider Laser Hair Removal

white-bikiniOther than being deemed a “hairy monster” by some of your most beloved friends and family members, there are other reasons to consider getting laser hair removal done. And although there are many aesthetic reasons to get laser hair removal, there are also some more medically based reasons as well. For instance, if you deal with excessive razor bumps or rashes caused by shaving, get ingrown hairs that can get infected, or if you simply can’t seem to get a close enough shave, then you might want to consider getting laser hair removal. Read on to learn more.

Razor Bumps and Rashes

A lot of men and women suffer from the constant skin irritation caused by shaving every day. Razor bumps and rashes can occur on the underarms, bikini area, and even around the neck and face. Not only is the appearance of these bumps and rashes a little bit unsightly but the burning and itching sensations that accompany them are less than comfortable. However, by undergoing laser hair removal treatments, you can get rid of your hair and allow your skin to both relax and heal— ultimately eliminating that constant irritation that causes bumps and rashes.

Ingrown Hairs

Ingrown hairs are typically caused by soap or shave gel getting lodged in the hair follicle, causing irritation to occur. And ingrown hairs aren’t just unsightly to look at but they can be quite painful as well, and even worse, if you’re like most people and tend to pick at your ingrown hairs, they might get infected. If you suffer from ingrown hairs, laser hair removal will help to eliminate this problem. Although they will still be there during the first couple of treatments, after a while they will disappear and leave you with flawless looking skin that is smooth to the touch.

Close Enough Shave

If you are like those individuals who seem to shave one second and the hair reappears the next, don’t worry: you aren’t a chia pet. But you likely aren’t getting a close enough shave. Due to the different directions in which your hair grows in, it can be hard sometimes to get a close enough shave. However, laser hair removal zaps the hair right at the follicle, leaving you with not having to worry about close shaves any longer.


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