About Fix Laser & Skin Center Glendale

You deserve to love your body

Fix Laser & Skin Center was established in 2007 in Glendale, CA, with the mission to help people of all ages and backgrounds feel great about their body. It may not be all looks that matter, yet, we know, that when you feel great about the way you look, you are more confident in everything you do. And this is exactly how we want our patients to feel.

We strongly believe that beauty and confidence should be affordable. Getting rid of acne and unwanted hair is a need, not a luxury. This is precisely why we make sure that our prices always remain affordable!

Yet, affordable doesn’t mean cheap in terms of quality and standards. Fix Laser & Skin Center uses two laser systems from Candela: GentleLASE and GentleMAX, both of which utilize Alexandrite and YAG lasers – highly safe and proven aesthetic treatment methods.

Procedures are carried out by our experienced and well-trained medical staff in a safe, friendly and convenient setting. All of our laser procedures are performed by our board certified physician and registered nurses.

Fix Laser & Skin Center offers:

  • Affordable prices with no hidden costs
  • Convenient scheduling
  • Laser hair removal
  • Skin tightening laser treatment
  • Renowned Isolaz acne treatment
  • Variety of massage treatments
  • Certified, experienced and highly professional staff
  • Safe and friendly setting

Whether you are looking for ways to solve an aesthetic problem or just want to relieve your muscle tension and relax with a professional massage session, Fix Laser & Skin Center has everything to help you fall in love with your body all over again and feel great!