Acne Got You Down? 3 Tips to Clear Up Your Skin

In a perfect world, acne would start in your preteens and end the day you graduate from middle school. However, acne can affect people all the way into their thirties and forties— leaving you feeling more like your brace face preteen self than you would like to admit. If you have acne and would like to get it under control, follow these three simple tips to help clear up your skin.

Avoid Touching Your Face
acne treatmentPay close attention to how much you touch your face per day. Do you work at a computer all day and rest your face in your hands? Do you take care of kids who like to constantly touch your skin with their cute, but sticky little fingers? By constantly touching your face, you are encouraging acne causing oil to build up on your skin which can leave you with more redness and acne than you’d like to admit. Try to get into the habit of not touching your face during the day for at least a couple of weeks— you will notice the difference.

Use Acne Skin Care Products
If you’ve been using the same skincare products for years and they don’t contain any acne fighting ingredients, then you’re not helping with your problem. Look for a face wash, astringent, and face lotion that carry ingredients like salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide— these ingredients will help to dry up oily skin and clear up your acne in no time.

Try Isolaz
This acne light treatment is an in-office treatment that helps to fight your acne from the inside out. Combined with both vacuum and a broadband light, Isolaz is designed to target acne and then suck out any dirt or oil in your pores. Quick, easy, and virtually pain free, Isolaz can be done on your lunch break!

Being an adult who suffers from acne is less than appealing. However, by following the above three tips, you can help to clear up your skin and start to gain back your confidence once again. To learn more about acne skin care treatment like Isolaz, contact our office today!