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3 Unique Aspects of CoolSculpting

CoolSculpting is a non-invasive, revolutionary procedure designed to freeze away stubborn fat cells in order to give patients a leaner looking and feeling body. Designed for individuals who are both fit and healthy but are having a hard time losing fat in a trouble area like the upper thighs or abdomen, CoolSculpting can help bring […]

CoolSculpting Vs. Liposuction

It can be hard to lose weight, especially that stubborn fat around your middle section or upper thighs. If it seems like no matter how many calories you are cutting and no matter how many days you workout a week, you still can’t get rid of that stubborn fat, it’s time to take matters into […]

The Art of Laser Skin Tightening

One of the greatest downfalls to aging is losing your once youthful glow and tight skin. Although you may have traded your youthful appearance for years of experience and maybe some added wisdom along the way, don’t let your loose skin get you down. With laser skin tightening treatments, you can get your tighter and […]

Acne Got You Down? 3 Tips to Clear Up Your Skin

In a perfect world, acne would start in your preteens and end the day you graduate from middle school. However, acne can affect people all the way into their thirties and forties— leaving you feeling more like your brace face preteen self than you would like to admit. If you have acne and would like […]

Getting Selfie Ready: Laser Hair Removal for Men

Ten or so years ago it seemed like the only people who were getting laser hair removal were women and young girls who wanted to target areas like their bikini line and underarms. However, nowadays it can seem like that no matter where you turn, people everywhere are expressing their love and appreciation for living […]

The Perks of Staying Hydrated

Healthy habits will last you a lifetime. From eating food enriched in nutrients to working out multiple times a week, creating healthy habits is something you won’t ever regret. As an often overlooked healthy habit, staying hydrated by drinking water throughout the day has many added health benefits that can help transform how you both […]

Dry Skin? 3 Ways to Treat Dry Skin This Winter

Depending on the part of the country you live in— hello 70 degree weather in New York— you might be getting pounded with serious amounts of snowfall. And although snow can be beautiful and enchanting during this time of the year in particular, it can also wreak havoc on your skin— causing it become dry […]

The Best Skin Care Routine for Men

When we typically think of skin care, we typically think of women buying overpriced creams that claim to work wonders that will likely never happen. And the last thing we think of is a big burly man shopping for face wash and creams. However, as one of the most important ways to take care of […]

The Art of CoolSculpting

You can sculpt clay, you can sculpt pottery, and you can even sculpt your body. However, many individuals suffer with weight loss issues because no matter how hard they try, they just can’t seem to get rid of areas on their body that hold onto stubborn fat. If you are one of those individuals who […]