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3 Reasons to Consider Laser Hair Removal

Other than being deemed a “hairy monster” by some of your most beloved friends and family members, there are other reasons to consider getting laser hair removal done. And although there are many aesthetic reasons to get laser hair removal, there are also some more medically based reasons as well. For instance, if you deal […]

Scared of Plastic Surgery? 3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Be

There’s a lot of stigma that accompanies getting any sort of plastic surgery done. Including that it’s only for women and that typically only the self-indulgent will opt to pay that kind of money to have their face or body reworked. However, those types of stigmas are far from the truth. And as the advancements […]

Skin Care for Cooler Months

With fall in the air and harsh winter storms just around the corner, it can be hard to not think of anything other than sipping hot chocolate right by the fire. And although, you might be spending many of your cold fall and winter nights doing just that, it can be hard not to remember […]

Tighten Without Going Under the Knife

For many people, the thought of going under the knife only presents nightmares of a mad surgeon standing above them with a knife and crazy eyes, ready to cut into them. And although those nightmares are far from accurate, you don’t even have to think about going under the knife if you don’t want to. […]

Creating Healthy Habits in Teenage Girls

With obesity striking our nation in a big way over the past few decades, more and more parents are concerned with their child being overweight. However, what about children on the opposite side of the spectrum. Eating disorders and false body images plague thousands of teenage girls across the country. Here are three ways to […]

3 Ways to Stay Hydrated This Summer

From spending weekends at the beach, to going for trail runs in the heat, the summer is full of fun outdoor activities that drain the moisture from your skin and body, leaving you with red, dry, and itchy skin. In order to stay extra hydrated this summer, try adding these things into your routine.   […]

Mid-Summer Workouts to Break the Heat

With summer in full-swing, if you already have your bikini body ready to mingle at the pool, you still need to maintain it. Keep your body healthy and active this summer with these 3 mid-summer workouts to help you stay fit without dying in the heat.   Plank Challenge This summer, give yourself a plank […]

4 Questions About Juvederm Answered

Aging is something of the past. With so many anti-aging procedures and techniques, there is virtually no excuse for you not to look the way you did 20 years ago–or at least close to it. If you’re looking into filling in some of your fine lines and wrinkles or just want a sexier pout, Juvederm […]

Fat Reduction – CoolSculpting Procedure Glendale

Fat Reduction – CoolSculpting Procedure Glendale Published on July 10, 2015 by Fix Laser & Skin Center Did you know that there is a way to conveniently and easily get rid of fat from stubborn parts of the body without exercise or surgery? CoolSculpting is a revolutionary fat reduction technology that can sculpt away fat permanently. CoolSculpting is […]

Acne Removal – Glendale Skin Care Treatment

Acne Removal – Glendale Skin Care Treatment Published on June 19, 2015 by Fix Laser & Skin Center Acne is a problem that affects many people of all ages and can be especially problematic during puberty. The causes of acne can range from genetics to diet to stress and can vary in severity depending on the […]