Things to Avoid When You Have Toenail Fungus

toenail fungusHave you noticed that your toenails are starting to peel and that they look a bit discolored? Are your toenails sore after you workout or even just go on a little walk? If so, you may be suffering from toenail fungus. As a disorder that is not only quite uncomfortable, but embarrassing as well, toenail fungus is something that is treatable and that you can get rid of if you handle it correctly. Read on to learn more about things you should avoid when you have toenail fungus.

  • Nail Salons
    Nail salons are notorious for harboring germs in their tools and in their foot baths. In order to ensure that you get rid of your toenail fungus as easily and quickly as possible, and that the situation doesn’t get any worse, try to avoid visiting the nail salon until you get rid of the nail fungus. Instead, if you must have a pedicure or if you have a special event coming up where you need to
  • Water Shoes
    If you are into sports such as hiking or water rafting, then you likely have to wear a water sandal or shoe to help protect the bottom of your feet from getting cut or scraped. And although these water shoes are good at shielding your feet from some harmful elements, the excessive amount of moisture in your shoes can harbor bacteria and can contribute to you receiving toenail fungus. Until your fungus clears up, it is recommended that you stay out of these water shoes.
  • Toenail Polish
    Although nail polish is tested by the FDA and it is deemed as being safe, it can also cause your toenails to dry out and not be able to properly breathe. While your feet are healing from the toenail fungus, try to avoid wearing nail polish on them and let them to get the air that they need. Additionally, as your toenails start to grow out, make sure to cut back the parts that are dry, cracked, and peeling, this will help to ensure that your new toenails grow back as strong as ever.

If you suffer from toenail fungus, don’t further exacerbate the problem and avoid the above listed things. To learn more, contact Fix Laser & Skin Center.

There’s No Fun In Fungus: How to Get Rid of Toenail Fungus

Toenail Fungus Removal With summer in full swing, you likely either already have your beach body ready or you are dedicated to keeping your not-so beach body covered up for the rest of the season. However, as a part of your body that you shouldn’t have to cover up during the summer, your toenails can attract toenail fungus that causes them to not only look unsightly but to feel uncomfortable as well. If you think you have toenail fungus but aren’t quite sure, read on to learn more.

What is toenail fungus?
Toenail fungus is caused by an infection that gets into the cracks in your toenails or the area around the toenail itself. Because your feet tend to attract both heat and sweat, they are considered to be a breeding ground for fungus— specifically your toenails. Athletes in particular are more prone to getting toenail fungus because they spend a lot of time sweating in their shoes and put a lot of strain on their feet.

What are the symptoms of toenail fungus?
When you first get toenail fungus it might not be visibly apparent but you may notice that your toenails and toenail beds are a bit more sensitive than usual. However, after some time, your toenails will change colors, get thicker, and may even start to peel off.

How is toenail fungus removed or treated?
From antibiotics to over-the-counter medication and ointments, there are a variety of treatments that claim to fix toenail fungus. However, as the most effective method on the market and the one that we use at Fix Laser & Skin Center is called the GentleMax Pro Laser System. During this treatment process, laser energy is used to directly heat up the targeted area on the toenails. After about three to six months after the procedure, the toenail will begin to grow back and within a year, the toenail will fully grow back.

If you have toenail fungus, get to the root of the problem right away and contact Fix Laser & Skin Center to learn more about the GentleMax Pro Laser System.

Scared of a Facelift? Consider Freezing Your Chin Fat With CoolSculpting

If the thought of going under the knife to help make you look both younger and leaner scares you half to death, you are not alone. And although procedures like facelifts bring patients remarkable results, there’s a new procedure in town that can offer you equally as good of results: CoolSculpting. As one of Fix Laser & Skin Center’s best procedures, CoolSculpting provides readers with the best results possible. Not sold on the idea of CoolSculpting? Read on to learn more.

It’s Non-Invasive

Other than the results themselves, the best part about CoolSculpting is its non-invasive nature. By simply using a system called cryolipolysis, an applicator head is placed underneath the chin and uses a gentle suction to help cool the tissues and fat cells. Once the fat cells and tissues are properly cooled, they will eventually slough off into the body and you will naturally excrete them through your urine after a few months time.

No Scarring

Although surgeons pride themselves on being able to hide the scars involved with a facelift, the scars do still exist, whether they be behind your ears or at the top of your scalp. However, as one of the many other benefits of CoolSculpting, there is no scarring involved in the process. In fact because there are no incisions made to your skin, you won’t have to deal with healing from a scar or covering it up.

No Down Time

When it comes to getting a facelift you can plan on being in recovery for at least a few weeks. Because the facelift procedure itself is fairly invasive, you will have to rest and give your body an ample amount of time to heal. However, with CoolSculpting you can literally head right back to work right after your procedure because there is no downtime at all— meaning that you will save yourself on both time and money.

It’s Effective

Other than it’s non-invasive nature, the lack of scarring, and no downtime required, the single best benefit to getting CoolSculpting over a facelift is the fact that you will receive remarkable results. That fat that is hiding under your chin and making you look more like a turkey than a human will simply melt away after a few months and will make you look slimmer and younger.

As you can see, there are many benefits to choosing CoolSculpting to help get rid of your chin fat in comparison to getting a facelift. If you would like to learn more about CoolSculpting or if you would like to see if you are a suitable candidate, contact Fix Laser & Skin Center today!


Get Gorgeous Gams with Coolsculpting®

Coolsculpting®Feeling self conscious about any area of your body can be a downer, especially when warm weather beckons you to be outdoors in shorts and t-shirts. We consult with patients all the time who complain that the effort they put into health and fitness doesn’t translate into a more attractive body shape. In particular, areas such as the thighs and the “muffin top” can be extremely challenging. Does this sound familiar to you? Find out how you can break free from thigh fat by freezing it with Coolsculpting®.

Freeze it and Forget it

The idea of freezing fat cells may sound primitive, but this innovative method of fat-reduction has been making beautiful waves across the globe for only a few years. Coolsculpting®, for many people, takes the place of liposuction in the attainment of the spot reduction most people have been told is impossible. We are here to tell you it is possible, and that you can have slimmer, tighter thighs without surgery.

With Coolsculpting®, you can freeze it and forget it. The process is simple. It requires no downtime, and the results you can achieve are sustainable with healthy eating and exercise habits. Multiple sessions are typically necessary to whittle down unwanted fat cells, but the 60-minute sessions can prove a relaxing break from your hectic day. During these visits, fatty deposits are targeted with controlled temperature. Once the desired cooling has been achieved, tiny crystals form inside of fat cells. This leads to their natural elimination during the weeks following treatment.

Join the Slim Thigh Club

In clinical trials, the FDA-approved Coolsculpting® treatment achieved 15% to 20% reduction in thigh fat over a three month period. 86% of patients treated in FDA trials reported noticeably thinner thighs after four months. While diet and exercise remain important aspects to physical appearance, it is good to know that the cells that are eliminated with Coolsculpting® do not come back.

Are you concerned about fat accumulation on your outer thighs, but aren’t interested in the time and monetary investment liposuction requires? See what Coolsculpting® can do to help you feel better about your legs! Schedule a consultation at Fix Laser & Skin Center.

Resolve the Double-Chin Dilemma with CoolSculpting

CoolsculptingMany people, when they look in the mirror, try to remain “eyes up.” If focus remains on the center and upper portions of the face, it may be easier to avoid noticing the waddle, or excess fat and skin on the neck. According to the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery, which conducted a poll about top aesthetic concerns in 2014, 70% of those polled reported concerns with submental fullness, or a double-chin. 70% is a lot of people wanting to whittle down the area just south of the face!

Until 2015, really, the only resolution for submental fullness was found with cosmetic surgery. Men and women wanting to address a double-chin could do so with liposuction, a mini-facelift, or a neck lift; all of which carried a hefty price tag and a fair amount of risk. Last year, the FDA approved Kybella® for the treatment of double chins. This method of localized fat reduction involves a series of treatments during which dozens of injections are given. Make no mistake, Kybella® has been a huge step forward in aesthetic medicine. However, many of the folks we talk to aren’t too keen on the number of injections, or the number of treatments it takes to melt away unwanted fat. At Fix Laser & Skin Center, there is another option.

Introducing the CoolMini™

The CoolSculpting procedure has become quite widely recognized in recent years. This innovative method of fat-reduction has helped many patients regain confidence in their body contours. Around the time that the FDA approved Kybella®, the CoolMini™ also gained approval for the treatment of submental fullness, and patients have been exploring this fat-melting treatment ever since.

Why all the excitement about the CoolMini™? No injections. No incisions. No downtime. What else is there? Oh yes, outstanding results! The CoolMini™ works under the same pretense as the standard CoolSculpting treatment, which has been successful in its intended purpose of reducing love handles, muffin tops, and other pockets of fat, for several years.

Freeze the Fat!

The way that fat is destroyed with this system is call cryolipolysis, or freezing. To treat the localized area beneath the chin, the applicator head applies gentle suction against the skin and subcutaneous tissue where fat has accumulated. These tissues are cooled in a controlled manner. The effect of this cooling is the formation of crystals inside of the targeted fat cells. Crystallization prompts a response from the body’s immune system in which these cells are flushed away over the course of a few months.

Is it time to feel better about your profile? Call Fix Laser & Skin Center to learn more about CoolMini™.

Revive your Eyes Without Surgery

JuvedermOur eyes reflect our inner energy. When the delicate skin around them begins to crease and sag, the light that is within may seem to have dimmed. Changes around the eyes such as crow’s feet, a furrowed brow, and sagging lids occur for a number of reasons. Heredity plays a part, especially in under eye bags; and so do lifestyle habits, stress, sleep, and numerous other factors. More important than the causes of aging eyes is the effect that it has on your self-image.

Every issue that develops around the eyes equates to one thing: the appearance of fatigue. Furrowed brows and heavy upper lids can also make you seem unfriendly or angry, even if this is a completely inaccurate description of who you really are. Historically, the method of correction for facial aging has been the face lift. For obvious reasons, the majority of people concerned about their appearance simply lived with their flaws. Today, thanks to innovations in aesthetic medicine, we have non-surgical solutions that are not only safe but also ultra-successful.

Eye Rejuvenation: The Filler Factor

Typically, it is Botox that is thought to resolve many of issues that affect the appearance of the eyes. However, dermal fillers are also advantageous to concerns such as under eye bags and even lines on the forehead. In fact, savvy patients combine these two anti-aging treatments. Dermal fillers plump creases in the skin, making them disappear. Over time, the injected solution breaks down, in part because of facial movements. The Botox solution reduces wrinkles by minimizing or preventing muscle contraction. A beneficial side effect of limited movement is that dermal fillers tend to last longer.

There are several types of soft tissue fillers that may be used to turn back the hands of time. Juvederm® is a well-known family of products with impressive versatility. When used around the eyes, this product adds the bulk necessary for optimal support from beneath the surface. The filler also has a secondary effect that causes an increase in the production of collagen, promoting long-term gain in the way of smoother, more attractive skin.

Are your eyes representing your best self?  Call Fix Laser & Skin Center for rejuvenating treatment.

CoolSculpting Open House!

IMG 4 CoolSculpting


Want to get your body ready for summer? Join Fix Laser & Skin Center to learn more about fat removal with CoolSculpting!


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3 Foods to Help You Get Rid of Belly Fat

health tipsWith summer just around the corner, you can no longer hide under thick layers the way that you used to in the winter. And with swimsuit season almost in full swing, you might start to feel a bit overwhelmed by having to get in a bikini in front of your friends and neighbors at the local pool. However, by adding these three foods to your diet and exercise routine you can help to cut down on belly fat and get a slimmer looking appearance in no time.

  1. Yogurt

Yogurt is filled with good bacteria that helps to regulate your digestive system. If you’re having an off-day and are feeling a bit bloated or constipated, try having a yogurt to help even out your digestive system. And by incorporating yogurt into your everyday diet, you can also help to cut down on extra belly fat caused by constipation and bloating— everybody’s worst nightmare in a swimsuit. Just make sure that you are eating a yogurt that’s low in sugar and high in protein— like Greek yogurt.

  1. Green Tea

If you love drinking highly caffeinated beverages like soda and coffee, you are probably contributing to your stomach looking and feeling bloated. Caffeine can make your stomach swell and can cause you to look a few pounds heavier around the middle. However, as a healthy alternative to soda and coffee, try drinking green tea instead. Filled with natural herbs, green tea has been proven to help individuals lose weight— especially around the middle— a little more quickly.

  1. Berries

Did you know that berries are filled with a massive amount of fiber? And what does fiber do? Fiber helps aid your digestive system in ridding your body of toxins and bacteria that could lead to digestive and stomach issues. Try adding a handful of raspberries, blackberries, strawberries, and blueberries into your diet every day and you will see the difference.

Getting rid of belly fat isn’t just about doing hundreds of sit-ups a day. In fact, by incorporating the above three things into your diet, you can help aid your body in losing belly fat sooner.

To learn more, contact our office today!



How to Ensure You’re Drinking Enough Water

skin careYour best friend, spouse, and even your personal trainer can yell at you to drink at least eight 8 ounce glasses of water everyday, but unless you’re committed to staying hydrated, you will probably sip on diet soda instead. As the most healthy and accessible thing for all parts of your body— weight loss, your immune system, headaches, etc— water is pretty much a miracle worker. However, if you aren’t getting enough water everyday, then it really can’t start working miracles on your body. By following these two tips, however, you can stay more hydrated and start reaping the benefits.

  1. Get a Reusable Water Bottle

Instead of carrying around that can of diet soda or cup of coffee to early morning meetings, try carrying around a reusable water bottle instead. By always having a bottle of water at your side, you can instantly grab for it the moment thirst strikes and stay hydrated throughout the day. When picking a water bottle, pick one that you will actually use. If the taste of plastic tends to bug you, then opt for a metal or glass water bottle. Whatever bottle you decide to use, just make sure it is one that you can use day after day.

  1. Drink First Thing in the Morning

Yes, it would be nice to have a glass of wine the first thing in the morning but opt for a glass of water instead, Because you aren’t drinking any water during the entire amount of time you’re sleeping (hopefully at least 8 hours), your body can easily become dehydrated first thing in the morning. Get into a routine of drinking a big glass of water either as soon as you get out of bed or with your breakfast. Plus, by starting early, you can help kick-start your daily plan to drink more water throughout the rest of your day.

Get everyone off of your back and get your body feeling the best you knew possible by drinking more water every day. By getting a reusable water bottle that you love and by starting to drink water first thing in the morning, you can help to keep your body hydrated all day long.

To learn more about healthy living contact our office today!



Fun Facts: 3 Things You Might Not Know About Coolsculpting

CoolSculpting has taken the weight loss and cosmetic surgery world by storm. By offering patients the ability to get that body they’ve always wanted without having to go under the knife, CoolSculpting has both men and women lining up to get this procedure done. However, because CoolSculpting is still fairly new on the market, there are several things that you may not know about the procedure itself. Here are three fun facts that you may not know about CoolSculpting:

  1. Voted #1 Non-Invasive Fat Reduction Surgery

CoolsculptingWhen it comes to fat reduction surgery, people typically think of liposuction. And although liposuction offers patients amazing results, the invasive nature and recovery of the procedure itself can be a deterrent for many. That’s why CoolSculpting has been voted the #1 non-invasive fat reduction surgery. By giving you similar results in more time than liposuction, CoolSculpting allows patients to get in and out of the doctor in no time. And recovery time? What’s that?

  1. It Takes Time

If you have scheduled a CoolSculpting treatment just weeks before a beach vacation, hoping that you will be able to show off your newly sculpted body, then you might be disappointed. Due to the technology and procedural guidelines themselves, CoolSculpting takes around four to six months for patients to start seeing actual results. Why is this exactly? CoolSculpting uses a technology that freezes your fat cells. Once the cells have been frozen, it will take time for them to slough off and become dissolved by your body.

  1. It’s for Stubborn Areas

Often times, people associated weight loss surgery with things like gastric bypass surgery. However, procedures like CoolSculpting and liposuction are designed to not give your entire body a transformed look, but rather, they are designed to rid your body of stubborn areas of fat. For instance, if you live a healthy lifestyle— eat well and exercise often— but you can’t seem to get rid of your love handles or maybe that extra layer of fat around your middle, then CoolSculpting is the perfect procedure for you.

If you are interested in scheduling a CoolSculpting consultation appointment or if you’d simply just like to learn more, contact Fix Laser & Skin Center today!