Hide Your Age with BOTOX® Cosmetic

There are numerous ways to indicate your age; your skin should not be one of them! At Fix Laser & Skin Center, men and women from the Glendale area can rediscover their younger self with BOTOX® and other anti-aging treatments.

What is BOTOX® Cosmetic?Botox® Glendale | Botox® Pasadena | Botox® Burbank

This injectable powerhouse is a solution of purified protein derived from Clostridium botulinum. The wrinkle-reducing effects of this active ingredient were discovered by accident. Before the development of BOTOX®, purified botulinum toxin had been used therapeutically in patients with muscular disorders. Cosmetic use gained FDA-approval after extensive clinical studies, which proved efficacy and safety. Since its inception, the use of this product has expanded throughout 78 countries and millions of patients.

How Botox® Works

BOTOX®  is a neuromodulator, which means that it has a relaxing effect on muscular contractions. Many of the signs of aging that affect the upper portions of the face, including the eyes, brows, and forehead, are the result of facial expression. Every time you frown, smile, laugh, or squint, you are using certain muscles. Over time, contraction becomes continual, and the skin that lies over tensed muscles remains furrowed and folded.

Injecting precise amounts of BOTOX® into the muscles on the forehead, around the eyes, or the brow, a skilled clinician facilitates your return to a more youthful, refreshed appearance. Unlike dermal fillers, which are intended for immediate plumping, BOTOX® works at a slightly slower pace. This is because it works by blocking transmissions from the brain that cause muscle contraction. Botulinum Toxin A (BOTOX) only works on “Dynamic Wrinkles” or “Wrinkles in Motion” (wrinkles caused by contraction of muscle). As commands are diminished, muscles settle and allow the skin to become smooth and supple. No contractions of the muscles = no movement of the skin lying over the muscle and no movement = no wrinkles.

What to Expect from Botox®

BOTOX®  is a painless treatment that takes only a few minutes. It is important to receive treatment from a trained professional with the skill to identify the proper location and depth of injections. We begin your appointment with a consultation in which we get to know your desired results. To make your session as comfortable as possible, we may apply ice or topical numbing cream to the skin. The smoothing solution is administered with a tiny needle that should feel like nothing more than a slight pinch.

Wrinkle-reduction treatment typically takes no more than 10 to 15 minutes. Because side effects are mild and temporary, it is possible to go about your day without feeling self-conscious about your appearance. Although slight improvement can be seen immediately, the full effect of BOTOX® treatment occurs over about seven days.

The results of treatment last from 3 to 6 months. It is difficult to predict the longevity of wrinkle-reduction only because every person metabolizes injectables at their own pace. When lines and wrinkles begin to show, a touch-up treatment may be performed to prolong the desired appearance.

You, only Younger

One of the unnecessary concerns that some people have about BOTOX®  is that they will lose their authentic facial aesthetic. The truth is that BOTOX® is a technique-sensitive treatment. However, a skilled provider will inject the right amount of solution into the right area to achieve results that look just like you, only younger.

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 Before and After BOTOX® Cosmetic Results

before botox glendale before botox






after botox glendale after botox

Botox for men

Yes, Botox may be most popular among middle aged women who lunch together and discuss how they wish they were still in their twenties. However, Botox can also help men feel more confident and transform their look without having to go under the knife. Still aren’t convinced that Botox is really a good idea for men? Read on to learn more.

Look Like Yourself Again

Being a man isn’t all about looking and feeling rugged all the time. In fact, being a man is equally as much about taking care of yourself and your appearance as it is for a woman. Men, just like women, suffer from wrinkles around their eyes and forehead. If you are a male who is noticing the negative effects of age on you and you simply don’t like it, Botox might be something to consider. Nothing is worse then waking up in your 40’s and 50’s only to look in the mirror and not recognize the person staring back at you. However, that’s where Botox comes into play. By injecting Botox into the muscles, you will receive a smoother looking forehead and the wrinkles around your eyes will start to dissipate.

It Can Look Natural

Every since its release into the market about a decade ago, Botox has gotten a bad rap among certain individuals. Deemed as making people look plastic and not able to relay their facial expressions, Botox has been the butt of many jokes. However, if administered correctly and if given the right amount of the Botox serum, you won’t have to worry about looking anything shy of natural. If you’re concerned about not looking natural after you receive your injections, make sure to discuss this with your plastic surgeon— that way they can make sure to give you the best looking natural results possible.

If you are a male who is interested in receiving Botox, don’t wait a minute longer and schedule an appointment with our office today.