Get Rid of Saddlebags with CoolScuplting, the liposuction alternative!

outer thigh coolscupting glendale, CAEven if you exercise every day and avoid your favorite guilty pleasures, you may still struggle to eliminate stubborn thigh fat. Good news, Fix Laser and Skin Center has your solution! CoolSculpting has proven fat burning technology that can rid your thighs of that stubborn fat by freezing away its layers. This treatment will not only reduce the size of your outer thighs but requires no surgery or downtime. CoolSculpting is perfect for those who want a slimmer and toned look but don’t want a lengthy recovery time from procedures like Liposuction. This treatment is not meant to be a shortcut method to reducing fat, rather a tool for ridding healthy, active patients of a few inches of stubborn thigh fat that can’t be reduced from exercise.

How does CoolScupting work?

FDA approved CoolSculpting is proven to reduce outer thigh fat by 15% to 20% in just three months. Its process cools down the treatment area enough to freeze your fat cells. In this case, your outer thigh’s fat cells are crystallized and then eliminated from the body naturally over time without affecting any other area of the body. This fat-freezing process is known as cryolipolysis.

CoolScupting Treatment Process

During your CoolScupting outer thigh treatment, all you have to do is sit back and relax. Fix Laser and Skin Center’s qualified staff wants to make sure that you are as comfortable as possible. A CoolSmooth cooling applicator that is specifically designed to treat the outer thighs will be applied. Due to fat cells vulnerability to the cold temperature versus surrounding thigh tissues, the rest of the body operates normally during treatment. After treatment, within three weeks to three months, your body will naturally rid itself of the crystalized fats cells. That means slimmer legs for you! Depending on the patient, a few CoolScuplting treatments may be required to reach desired results.

CoolScupting Outer Thigh Results

Patients will see noticeably smaller fat bulges in the outer thigh within a short time range of their CoolScuplting treatment. Results from CoolScuplting of the outer thigh have a very high success rate and last for years as long as patients maintain a healthy diet and exercise routine. Regardless, patients bodies will have fewer fat cells in their body than before treatment. Our goal is to have patients looking and feeling healthy and happy!

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