Get Gorgeous Gams with Coolsculpting®

Coolsculpting®Feeling self conscious about any area of your body can be a downer, especially when warm weather beckons you to be outdoors in shorts and t-shirts. We consult with patients all the time who complain that the effort they put into health and fitness doesn’t translate into a more attractive body shape. In particular, areas such as the thighs and the “muffin top” can be extremely challenging. Does this sound familiar to you? Find out how you can break free from thigh fat by freezing it with Coolsculpting®.

Freeze it and Forget it

The idea of freezing fat cells may sound primitive, but this innovative method of fat-reduction has been making beautiful waves across the globe for only a few years. Coolsculpting®, for many people, takes the place of liposuction in the attainment of the spot reduction most people have been told is impossible. We are here to tell you it is possible, and that you can have slimmer, tighter thighs without surgery.

With Coolsculpting®, you can freeze it and forget it. The process is simple. It requires no downtime, and the results you can achieve are sustainable with healthy eating and exercise habits. Multiple sessions are typically necessary to whittle down unwanted fat cells, but the 60-minute sessions can prove a relaxing break from your hectic day. During these visits, fatty deposits are targeted with controlled temperature. Once the desired cooling has been achieved, tiny crystals form inside of fat cells. This leads to their natural elimination during the weeks following treatment.

Join the Slim Thigh Club

In clinical trials, the FDA-approved Coolsculpting® treatment achieved 15% to 20% reduction in thigh fat over a three month period. 86% of patients treated in FDA trials reported noticeably thinner thighs after four months. While diet and exercise remain important aspects to physical appearance, it is good to know that the cells that are eliminated with Coolsculpting® do not come back.

Are you concerned about fat accumulation on your outer thighs, but aren’t interested in the time and monetary investment liposuction requires? See what Coolsculpting® can do to help you feel better about your legs! Schedule a consultation at Fix Laser & Skin Center.