Fix Laser & Skin Center Team Glendale

Anahid Baghoomian

Anahid Baghoomian, RN

Registered Nurse

Isfahan Medical University graduate, Anahid obtained her nursing license at 1993. She’s been working as a nurse ever since, with adult day health care being her main focus before joining Fix Laser & Skin Center. Anahid is always inspired by her patients’ results and satisfaction, and emphasizes the importance of healthy nutrition to them. A travel lover, she names Jerusalem the greatest place she had ever visited.


Armond Voskanian


Fix Laser & Skin Center’s manager, Armond is guided by the mission of ensuring patient satisfaction, and takes care of all the factors contributing to the clinic running to its best. When Armond is off work, you are highly likely to find him on the golf course. Avid golfer and sports fan, he loves watching a good sports program on TV and names Paris his favorite place on the Globe.

liana yegiyan

Liana Yegiyan, RN

Registered Nurse

Registered Nurse since 2011, Liana graduated from Ukraine School of Nursing. She is motivated by making people happier through her job, making sure all of her patients are satisfied. Liana’s personal fitness resolutions are eating healthy and exercising at least twice a week. She loves sushi (yay for healthy Japanese food), and has St Petersburg and Jerusalem are among her best travel memories.

Lama Saleh, RN

Registered Nurse

Registered Nurse since 2014, Lama graduated Rio Honda College. She is driven by making people comfortable during their treatments and making sure all of her patients are pleased with their results. Her family and positive people motivate her. Lamas personal fitness tip is to set goals and make the workouts as fun as possible. When she is not at work, she is helping her husband make delicious Middle Eastern dips for his business. Lama loves all kinds of animals, but only from afar. She loves Taboulli (Middle Eastern salad), and says that Lebanon is the most amazing place she has ever been to.

ANNIE tarverdyan

Annie Tarvedian, RN

Registered Nurse

West Coast University graduate, Annie obtained her nursing license in 2015. At Fix Laser & Skin Center, Annie’s professional goal is providing best laser hair removal treatment without any complication. Noemi loves spending time with her family and taking care of their health. Firm believer in the adage “You are what you eat”, she spends her free time at the gym to obtain one of her fitness goals of fitting into her old jeans. Her biggest challenge at work is not eating the pastries her coworkers bring. The coolest place she has visited is her dreams

Kristine Mnatsakanyan

Front Desk Receptionist

Raised in London, Kristine went to Roehampton University and studied Criminal Law. She is currently working at Fix Laser as front desk. Her main responsibilities are scheduling appointments and making clients feel as comfortable as possible. Her top fitness tip is “Don’t stop till you drop” and her biggest fitness achievement is finishing the “Insanity” work out in 2012. When she is not at work, she is spending her time wisely elsewhere whether it is dancing, cooking or spending time with her family. Her favorite vacation has been Marbella. The one movie she will never get tired of is the Notebook.

Diana Yegiyan

Diana Yegiyan

Front Desk Receptionist

Diana attended University of Phoenix. She currently works at Fix as front desk. She has a positive attitude in life and her great mood motivates her to be a better person. Her top fitness tip is “Give yourself a break” and always tries to stay healthy. Her biggest challenge at work is alphabetizing charts but always tries staying positive. When she is not at work, she is having fun shopping at Bloomingdales. She says the coolest place she has ever visited is Fix Laser and Skin Center. She loves the color emerald green. Her favorite food is seafood and loves fish (Eating it or having it as a pet I wonder).


Elena Avaness

Front Desk Receptionist

Elena’s position at Fix Laser and Skin Center is handling the front desk where she books appointments; answers phone called and greets clients. Her biggest challenge at work is finding charts. She is a graduate of CSULA. Her biggest motivation is her family and good music. She is a firm believer of always keeping a balance; too much of something is never too good. With that said she loves pizza yet burns the calories by hiking, jogging and dancing. When she is not at work, she is eating Del Taco, shopping and spending time with her family. Elena’s favorite movie is Horrible Bosses and favorite show is King of Queens!