Mid-Summer Workouts to Break the Heat

exercise-bike-SmallWith summer in full-swing, if you already have your bikini body ready to mingle at the pool, you still need to maintain it. Keep your body healthy and active this summer with these 3 mid-summer workouts to help you stay fit without dying in the heat.


  1. Plank Challenge

This summer, give yourself a plank challenge. Whether you work in an office or out of the home, give yourself a summer challenge that will tighten your abs and make you feel stronger than ever. Start by doing one one-minute plank every day and work all the way up to ten one-minute planks per day. Simply get into plank position, holding your abs in place, and focus on your core, working through the burn.


  1. Early Morning Run

Running is one of the easiest ways to burn calories while simultaneously toning up. However, with the summer heat, it can seem virtually impossible to gain the courage to run outside and the treadmills just won’t cut it. Get your run in by setting your clock for sunrise— this will not only help you get in some early morning cardio, but it will also help you stay energized and awake throughout the day without having to pour an additional cup of coffee.


  1. 7-Minute Workout

If you live in an air conditioned home and just can’t seem to get the courage to leave it to go workout in the scorching heat, try the 7-minute workout from the comfort of your own living room. This scientifically proven workout combines 12 workouts in just 7-minutes, leaving you with a healthier heart and toned muscles. All you need is yourself, a chair, and the wall.


Staying motivated in the scorching summer heat can sometimes feel overly complicated. However, by making the time and putting in a little effort, you can maintain your summer body without having to bare the intense heat. From participating in the plank challenge to starting the 7-minute workout, these three tips are sure to help you stay fit and cool.


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