Skin Care for Cooler Months

pink-scarfWith fall in the air and harsh winter storms just around the corner, it can be hard to not think of anything other than sipping hot chocolate right by the fire. And although, you might be spending many of your cold fall and winter nights doing just that, it can be hard not to remember the harsh realities of cooler months too. Not only can the lack of sunshine and chilly temperatures get you feeling down, but they can also have adverse effects on your skin. Get your skin regimen ready now so that when the first storm strikes, you will be prepared.


Think Moisture

As the most drying season of the year, winter tends to cause your skin to crack and dry out in just seconds. Plus, if you participate in any winter sports or spend a massive amount of time in the winter wind, then you have a whole other problem on your hands. In order to keep your skin feeling soft and to prevent flaking, try to moisturize your skin as frequently as possible. For starters, put away your face lotions and replace them with face creams. Creams tend to hold more moisture and allow your skin to retain that same moisture as well.


Eye Cream

As one of the areas of your skin that receives some of the most damage, it’s just as important to take care of your eyes during the winter. Buy a hydrating eye cream that you can use both morning and night. Apply a little bit of cream both under your eyes and even on top of your eyelids in order to prevent any drying or cracking to occur.


Lip Balm

You might not consider your lips to be part of your skin, but they are. And nothing is worse than having dry, chapped lips during winter. In order to help protect your lips from the cold weather and to ensure that they stay moisturized all season long, try using a hydrating lip balm that has an SPF in it as well.


Winter is full of fun things to do including building snowmen, trudging around town in snow boots, and the holiday season. However, it can have damaging effects on your skin. Try these three tips this season and help stay hydrated for months to come.


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