The Perks of Staying Hydrated

Healthy habits will last you a lifetime. From eating food enriched in nutrients to working out multiple times a week, creating healthy habits is something you won’t ever regret. As an often overlooked healthy habit, staying hydrated by drinking water throughout the day has many added health benefits that can help transform how you both look and feel. Read on to learn more about some of the health benefits of staying hydrated.

Staying HydratedSlimmer Stomach
Drinking water is a great way to curb hunger and speed up your metabolism— both of which help contribute to a slimmer looking you. Drinking a consistent amount of water each and every day can also cut down on stomach bloating which can give you the appearance of having gained an extra few pounds.

Healthier Skin
If you are eating foods that are high in saturated fats and are then washing them down with soda or coffee, you are doing your skin a big disservice. The things we put into our bodies will exhibit themselves on the outside of our bodies as well. By drinking water, you can help to keep your skin feeling tight, hydrated, and healthy looking.

More Energy
We’ve all seen movies where a character is dehydrated, wandering around the dessert or a deserted island seeking water. Not only is the person left feeling weak but they can barely even walk by themselves. Staying hydrated will give you the energy you need to get through everyday activities like work, exercise, and play.

How Much Water Should You Drink?
As a basic rule of thumb, every adult individual should be drinking at least eight 8 ounce glasses of water each and every day. However, because people’s weight and height vary, so can the recommended water consumption. If you’re worried about whether or not you’re getting enough water for your weight and height, contact your doctor.

There are numerous benefits that accompany drinking water and staying hydrated each and every day. To learn more about how you can live a healthier lifestyle, contact our office today!